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50 point furnace tune-ups

Only $139.99

A few things Your maintenance appointment will include:

  • Ensure the heat exchanger(s) are not cracked or blocked (this could result in Deadly Carbon Monoxide leaking into the home).

  • Check and set natural gas pressure.

  • Perform cleaning of all components.

  • Test all safety controls to ensure operation.

  • Document any deficiencies and recommended work if needed.

  • Written report on your furnace status to keep for your records.

Like any machine, a furnace should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Getting your furnace serviced by one of our trained Professional technicians  will give you peace of mind and years of dependable, efficient furnace performance.

Why Get a Furnace Tune Up and Cleaning?

  • You’ll save money on your gas bills. A tune up and cleaning will improve energy efficiency by an average of 8%.  This adds up to significant savings. 

  • You’ll add years to the life of your furnace. When you deal with smaller problems as they happen, you’ll prevent wear and tear on your overall system. That means you don’t have to replace your furnace as often.

  • Helps prevent sudden – and expensive – breakdowns. When you have a Professional technician looking at your furnace, they’ll be able to warn you if they see a problem.

  • Better indoor air quality. A cleaner furnace means cleaner air in your home.

professional heating and cooling technician
Professional Heating and Cooling season for a furnace tune up

When’s The Best Time for a Tune-up?

To enjoy maximum efficiency gains all winter long, schedule your furnace tune up and cleaning in the early fall. Your furnace will be in peak condition the first time you turn it on.

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