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Image by Thiago Terleski

Hot Water Heater Maintenance 

Professional Heating and Cooling Hot Water Heater tune up

Regular maintenance pays off in the long run. In fact, you’ll save money several ways:

  1. Save on fuel and water costs with better operating efficiency.

  2. Avoid more expensive repair bills.

  3. Your water heater will last longer, saving you on replacement costs.


Not to mention you’ll get the piece of mind that comes with knowing your water heater is safe. 

Professional Heating and Cooling Hot Water Heater repair

Water Heater Maintenance and Safety Checks

Both tankless and tank models need to be treated yearly for mineral buildup due to Calgary's hard water. They also both work using natural gas, so they should be tested every year to ensure the safety features are working correctly.

Things that will be done during our inspection:


  1. Checking for; obstructions, leaks, damage or corrosion, soft blue flame, buildup of soot.

  2. Inspecting; the venting, air supply, piping system, and the main burner.

  3. Manually operating the temperature and pressure safety valves to ensure your water heater shuts down if there’s leakage, excessive heat, or no water coming in.

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